Welcome to the Bookings Car Festival

Plans for Brookings Car Show 2021 

Greetings Brookings Area Car Enthusiasts…… 

It’s 2021 and the Brookings Car Club has started to make plans for our annual car show in Pioneer Park on June 13th. We were disappointed that we had to cancel the 2020 show due to the Coronavirus situation and the restrictions that were in place here in Brookings last year at the critical time when we had to decide if we were going to be able to make it a go or not. There were too many expenses on the line for us to go ahead with the planning and implementation of the show around the time where we felt it was going to be a “go” or “no-go” situation. We waited as long as we could, and in the end decided there was too much for us to risk at that time not knowing how things were going to go – with things either getting worse or getting better. We may be in the same situation for the show this year, but we are hoping things get better, so we are able to have the show this year. 

We have set the date for the 2021 car show weekend to be June 12th and 13th, and are planning the events we’ve been doing on Saturday and Sunday in the past: Saturday we’re planning to have the Show-N-Shine downtown on Main Street around Nick’s Hamburger shop, and then on Sunday we’re hoping to have the car show in Pioneer Park. The cruise we have done in the past on Saturday afternoon is still undecided. So for now, we are having our planning meetings to try and put on the show, but things may change for us again this year. Please note, if we do put on the show, there might be some changes to the format of the show. For example, the judging format may be modified and the way we give out awards may change to make the show easier to put on. To cut down on expenses, we may elect to not have awards this year, so we don’t have that risk of investment up front in case the show ends up needing to be cancelled close to the event date, if the city’s restrictions in place at the time keep us from being able to have the show in the city park. The Sunday car show may be more of a large Show-N-Shine style of event in order for us to have less risk involved with putting on the show. We apologize for not having any more definitive answers at this time, but I think we have all learned how the Coronavirus pandemic situation has changed things for us all, and we have learned to be flexible with how the situation we are all in changes. 

Thank you for the years of your support in attending the Brookings Car Show. We are hoping we can continue to put on the show, although it may be in a modified manner. Please continue to check back with us on our website here and we will update the information as the dates draw nearer. 


The Brookings Car Club Car Show Organizers