There will be no classes for the 2024 car show, due to the car show being a Show-N-Shine event.  There will be no judging so the vehicles won’t need to be split into the classes for the awards.  The below 2019 class listing is here just for your reference on what we have had in the past.


Class #          Class Name                       Requirements                                  Years
100                ANTIQUE                          Stock                                         up thru 42
200               VINTAGE                           Stock                                             46 to 59
300               FOMOCO                           Stock                                              55 to 94
400               GM                                      Stock                                              58 to 94
500               MOPAR                              Stock                                              60 to 94
600               COUGAR/MUSTANG     Stock or Modified                        64 to 17
700               CHEVELLE                       Stock or Modified                        64 to 77
800              CAMARO/FIREBIRD      Stock or Modified                        67 to 81
900              CAMARO/FIREBIRD      Stock or Modified                        82 to 92
1000            CAMARO/FIREBIRD      Stock or Modified                        93 to 02
1100             STREET MACHINE         Modified                                        50 to 75
1200            CONVERTIBLE                 Stock or Modified                   up thru 00
1300            CORVETTE                        Stock or Modified                    up thru 82
1400            CORVETTE                        Stock or Modified                        84 to 96
1500            CORVETTE                        Stock or Modified                         97 to 17
1600            CUSTOM TRUCK             Modified                                    up thru 66
1700            CUSTOM TRUCK             Modified                                         67 to 80
1800            CUSTOM TRUCK             Modified                                          81 to 17
1900            TRUCK                                Stock                                           up thru 72
2000           TRUCK                                Stock                                                73 to 17
2100            TRI-FIVE CHEVY             Stock or Modified                         55 to 57
2200            STREET RODS                 Modified                                     up thru 49
2300            RAT RODS                        Cars or trucks                                 all years
2400           ORIGINALS                       Less than 20% restored           up thru 90
2500           LATE MODELS (cars)      Stock or Modified                          91 to 17
2600           SPECIAL INTEREST        Fits nowhere else                      up thru 17
2700           IMPORT CARS                  Stock or Modified                      up thru 17

*Note: Cars must be a 2017 model or older to be in the judged car show.

  • Original appearing paint scheme (no graphics except factory)
  • Original appearing interior (safety & comfort items allowed)
  • Custom wheels and tires allowed
  • Underhood dress-up chrome not allowed


  • Custom paint
  • Engine/Drivetrain modifications

ORIGINALS: (this is a “survivor” class)

  • Car should be in original condition, or have very minimal restoration done to it; for example a car should have original factory paint (not been repainted the original color), and have original interior items like the seats, carpet, etc. Engine should not have been totally rebuilt and repainted. Minor interior or exterior and maintenance item changes are allowed, like small spot rust fixes on a fender, door, etc. No fully restored cars in this class. Judge’s decisions for entry into this class is final.